Accounting/Payroll Office

Please feel free to contact our staff with any Accounting or Payroll questions or needs.

  Ms. Ashlie Worth
  Deputy Treasurer
   -Payroll Coordinator
   -Grants Management
   317.861.4463 ext. 1007


  Ms. Debbie Jones
  Accounts Payable/Payroll Specialist
    -Support Staff Payroll
    -Accounts Payable
   317.861.4463 ext. 1006

Ms. Cheryl DeCaro
Accounting Specialist
-Accounts Receivable
317.861.4463 ext. 1021

Ms. Moriah Crane
Payroll Specialist
   -Certified & Contracted Staff Payroll
317.861.4463 ext.1022

Our School Building Treasurers are here to assist you:

Ms. Patty Glover
New Palestine High School
317.861.4417 ext. 2050

Ms. Robin Pratt
New Palestine Junior High School
317.861.4487 ext. 3050

Ms. Lori Burks
New Palestine Intermediate School
317.861.3267 ext. 4050

Ms. Laura Walsh
Brandywine Elementary School
317.462.7396 ext. 6050

Ms. Brenda Sellers
New Palestine Elementary School
317.861.5287 ext. 5050

Ms. Hillari Johnson
Sugar Creek Elementary School
317.861.6747 ext. 7050