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Technology Services


The Community School Corporation of Southern Hancock County will prepare students to meet the challenges of tomorrow and will prepare them to become productive members of our society, able to utilize current technologies and adapt to future technologies as tools for lifelong learning.
We believe the primary goals of schools are to create opportunities for students to use knowledge to solve problems, extract meaning, produce products, and communicate globally.  If schools are to serve society well, schools must become knowledge-work organizations; they must be organized to encourage students to use technology to locate information worldwide in order to solve problems rather than passively absorb information to be used at some other time.  For our schools to meet this goal, technology must become a partner in creating the knowledge base necessary to make us a knowledge-work institution.

Mr. Chris Young
Technology Coordinator

Ms. Shelby Brubeck
Student Information Specialist


Our network infrastructure and computer hardware are supported by Five-Star Technology Solutions, Inc. For eLearning or virtual tech support, please contact the Tech Line at (317) 620-8204 ext. 9999 or email

Frank Bolton 
New Palestine High School

Aaron Smith
New Palestine High School

Alex Duvall
New Palestine Junior High and New Palestine Intermediate

Kevin Schmidt 
Brandywine Elementary

Rebecca Commons
New Palestine Elementary School

Jeremiah Taylor
Sugar Creek Elementary and New Palestine Intermediate