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Hancock County Promise

Hancock County Promise offers Kindergarteners and their families a unique opportunity to invest in their future by opening a 529 College Savings Plan. Through the program at CSCSHC, opening a 529 plan by investing $25 for their Kindergartener will result in a combined $50 match by both the school district and the Hancock County Promise program.

In the video below, all of last year’s Kindergarteners enjoyed a fun-filled field trip to the University of Indianapolis to learn what a college is really like!

If your child is a current Kindergartener, there is still time to sign them up for a 529 plan!


Here are step-by-step instructions on how to sign up for a 529 plan through Hancock County Promise.

  1. About You (Account Owner)
    1. Personal information - address, phone, email, social security number
    2. You can add a “successor” if you choose. That can be another adult such as a spouse.
  2. About your Beneficiary (Your Child)
    1. You need your child’s social security number.  If you do not have it, use your own and you can change it later.
    2. The registration process will ask about your school. Leave that field blank as Hancock County Schools are not listed.
  3. Choose Investments
  4. Pick a funding method
    1. Pick “pay by check.” The Promise will mail a check for you to open the account.
    2. Remember this is a FREE account.  You are not required to add funds at this time.
    3. You can login and add ways of funding if you choose at a later date.
  5. Select a delivery option
    1. Email or US mail
  6. Complete your account
    1. Create username and passwords.
    2. Create security questions and answers

Your 529 plan is now up and running!