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Heart of the Dragon Recognition Program

Heart of the Dragon

Caring and compassion are what set the teachers and staff members at Southern Hancock apart from the crowd. These qualities are only part of what we believe one will find in the heart of a New Palestine Dragon. Here at Southern Hancock, we are pleased to announce the new Heart of the Dragon recognition program. Heart of the Dragon is a relaunch of our Going the Extra Mile program from previous school years.

At Southern Hancock, we are a community that takes care of our flock. Across our district, you can see teachers, volunteers, and students who demonstrate the Heart of a Dragon by displaying passion, integrity, empathy, or exceptional behavior in many different ways. We believe it's important that each of these people receive recognition for the outstanding effort they put into each and every moment they spend with us here at Southern Hancock. 

So, who do you know that exhibits the qualities that make up the Heart of the Dragon? To help us acknowledge extraordinary teachers, building staff, bus drivers, administrators, coaches, volunteers, or students, please fill out this form to submit a Heart of the Dragon nomination. 

Thank you for taking the time to recognize someone who has gone above and beyond. Great things happen in the Community School Corporation of Southern Hancock County every day. With your help, we can give recognition to those who put so much into our schools and community.