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Parent Guidelines

In the interest of making sure that our parents and staff members have the strongest relationship that best benefits students, the district has created this set of guidelines to help parents make the most of their student's educational experience. While these guidelines are intended to be a fair summary of certain matters of interest to parents, readers should be aware that:

A. it is not a complete statement of all procedures, policies, rules, and regulations of Community School Corporation of Southern Hancock County;

B. the various school buildings and teachers may have their own procedures or guidelines that apply in addition to those on this list.

  1. For safety reasons, all visitors to any CSCSHC school building MUST check-in with the front office staff when they arrive. All visitors are required to show a government ID during check-in. If you do not have identification, you will not be permitted inside the building. Visitors will be provided with a visitor badge. This badge is to be worn at all times for the entirety of your stay.
  2. Parents, guardians, and community members are expected to act professionally and cordially during all interactions with CSCSHC employees. We understand parents and guardians are passionate about their child’s education. However, rude, vulgar, or insulting language will not be tolerated. Any adult behaving in this manner will be asked to leave the premises. School Resource Officers may be asked to intervene in the interest of student and staff safety.
  3. If you wish to meet with an administrator or teacher regarding an issue pertaining to your child, please make an appointment before coming to school. We understand that any issue related to your child’s education is important. It’s important to us, too. However, our administrators and teachers may not be immediately available to meet with you due to other duties at school. In order to ensure that you can meet with an administrator or your child’s teacher in a prompt manner, please call or email beforehand to set up a meeting.
  4. In the event of an emergency situation at one of our school buildings, parents should not come to the school building in question. If an emergency occurs, students will be evacuated from the building and taken to a “reunification site” away from our campus where parents will be reunited with their students. Parents will NOT be permitted to access a building where an emergency has occurred. Instructions will come from the district’s normal channels (email, text, phone, and social media) and will include information on where parents should go in the event of a reunification and what they should bring with them.
  5. All field trip chaperones are required to complete a background check two weeks before a scheduled trip. These forms can be completed on the SafeSchools website. If a potential chaperone’s background check does not come back in time or returns with a negative result, that person will not be permitted to go on the field trip.
  6. Attendance is a factor in how the district and each individual building's federal accountability grades are calculated. This change is a result of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The federal grades use an attendance calculation for each individual student. A student is considered a "model attendee" if they miss less than eight days in a school year. The percentage of model attendees makes up the district's attendance rate for federal grades. The district needs you to send your students to school to keep our accountability grades up! For more information on attendance, please see School Policy 5200. 

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with these guidelines. Our goal is always to provide the best environment possible for educating your students.