Sexual Harassment Reporting Form

The Community School Corporation of Southern Hancock County does not tolerate discrimination or harassment in the education program or activity that it operates, including sexual harassment.
The term “sexual harassment” shall mean conduct on the basis of sex, failure to conform to stereotypical notions of masculine or feminine traits, sexual orientation, or gender identity including:
  1. A Corporation employee conditioning the provision of an aid, benefit, or service of the recipient on an individual’s participation in unwelcome sexual conduct (i.e., quid pro quo sexual harassment);
  2. Unwelcome conduct determined by a reasonable person to be so severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive that it effectively denies a person equal access to the Corporation’s education program or activity; or
  3. Sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, or stalking as defined by Federal law.
Pursuant to Corporation Policy #2266, the corporation is required to make its sexual harassment training materials publicly available on its website. Please click here to access these materials."
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By submitting this form you acknowledge that the information entered is complete, true, and accurate. Please note that whoever engages in any conduct with intent to convey false or misleading information under circumstances where such information may reasonably be relied upon and where such information indicates that an activity has taken, is taking, or will take place would constitute a violation of law and the submitter of such information may be prosecuted.