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New Palestine Early College

In 2016, New Palestine Early College High School was established through a partnership with Vincennes University. The Community School Corporation of Southern Hancock County adopted a school-within-a-school model at New Palestine High School. This model enables the district to operate two schools within in the same building: a traditional high school and an early college high school. Students enrolled in New Palestine Early College work to earn an Associate’s degree or Statewide Transfer General Education Core (STGEC) from Vincennes University as they achieve a Core 40 diploma, Core 40 with Academic Honors (AHD), or a Core 40 with Technical Honors (THD) from New Palestine High School.


New Palestine Early College’s Mission is to engage students in a comprehensive program that develops the academic skills necessary for college and post-secondary success.

Philosophy of Early College

Early College High School is a bold approach, based on the principle that academic rigor, combined with the opportunity to save time and money, is a powerful motivator for students to work hard and meet serious intellectual challenges” (Boyle, Mosier, & Perkins, 2013).

Early College seeks to increase access to higher education and persistence toward a college degree among students who are first-generation college students, financial aid-dependent, and students who possess the academic grit to overcome social and academic barriers that could impede their progress toward a college degree.

NPHS Principal Keith Fessler


 Mr. James Voelz
 NPHS Principal
 (317) 861-4417 x2010





NPHS Assistant Principal Amy Dawson

Mrs. Amy Dawson
 NPHS Assistant Principal
 (317) 861-4417 x2011




NPHS Dean of Students Julie Young


 Mr. Nicholas Mitchaner
 NPHS Assistant Principal
 (317) 861-4417 x 2012




NPHS Guidance Counselor Trent Whitaker


 Mr. Trent Whitaker
 NPHS Guidance Counselor
 (317) 861-4417 x2017





Dr. Kevin Mowrer 
Assistant Dean of Instruction, Vincennes University
(317) 861-4417

Donald Pieta 
Early College Learning Coach
(317) 861-4417

Sandra Siddons
Adjunct Professor, NPHS Teacher
(317) 861-4417